By Josiah Wilmoth

    SipOnline content is a broken system. Quality content gets buried beneath mountains of biased articles, clickbait, and stories that are too long to read in one sitting. Consequently, readers cannot easily access content that will keep them informed about current events, from politics and business to entertainment.

    The dire state of the news industry inspired Ran Reichman and Rani Horev to create a platform that was different. Their creation, Snip, is a news site that provides readers with short, concise summaries of the day’s most important events. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the website provides readers with personalized news feeds focused on topics they care about. Snip doesn’t tell you what to think; it gives you the facts you need to know to make informed decisions on your own.


    Snip 2.0: News. Decentralized.

    Snip readership quickly grew following its launch, confirming that the website filled an important void in the journalism industry. As Reichman explains:

    People are tired of fake news, clickbait, and low-quality stories. With the help of the community and advanced algorithms, Snip finally provides you with an easy way to stay in the know.

    Now, the team is announcing the development of Snip 2.0, a decentralized user-generated news platform. Snip 2.0 will still feature the short, concise snippets readers love, but the new platform will also allow anyone to create news snippets and receive rewards for quality content. Snip 2.0 will also bring a level of transparency to the often-shadowy world of news creation. All of Snip’s algorithms will be open-source, and content will be stored on the decentralized Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

    SnipCoin Crowdsale to Launch in September

    The Snip ecosystem will be powered by SnipCoin, an ERC20 token secured by the Ethereum blockchain. Readers can use SnipCoin to purchase premium services such as ad-free news feeds, audio snips, and professionally-written content. Advertisers will use SnipCoin to purchase advertising space, and writers will receive coins for creating quality content that generates traffic.

    The team will begin distributing SnipCoin through a September token sale.


    SnipCoin Crowdsale Details

    The problem with many ICOs is that developers often launch projects without giving proof that they are capable of building a functional product. Snip, on the contrary, already has tens of thousands of active users, as well as a more than a thousand paying subscribers. Consequently, you can participate in the sale with the confidence that the Snip team will build a product people will actually use and love.

    Join Snip’s Decentralized News Revolution

    Snip 2.0 is coming soon, but you can sign up for Snip today to discover how refreshing fluff-free news can be. To learn more about Snip and the September token sale, read the whitepaper, follow Snip on Twitter, or contact the team on Slack.

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