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    By Kofi Akosah,

    The cryptocurrency markets today evoked mixed feelings with four of the top ten falling in value. However, all in all, it wasn’t bad for the industry. The biggest improvement was 7.55%.

    Needless to say, when the roll was called, at 18:00 GMT, pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin was still at the top but with a fall of a negligible 0.07% at a market rate of $772.66. Surely it might be the gradual increasing congestion on the network. There have been complaints of transactions taking hours to go through today. Sanity should prevail to allow scaling.

    At the second spot Ether enhanced its standings by chalking $8.58 exchange rate and 2.16% score. It is coming back strongly and commendably.

    Ripple is still at number three gaining a mere 0.03%, a sharp decline from yesterday’s biggest swoop among the top 10 Cryptos on Coinmarketcap. Meanwhile, it was selling for $0.007128.

    The pattern from the previous listing continues with Litecoin in tow. It lost 0.30%, and the exchanges had it at $3.69 – a swift departure from its previous 2.29% growth.

    Meantime, it looks like controversial Monero can’t be dislodged from the 5th position. With a notable upward adjustment of 2.50%, it was sold for $7.98. Yes, it was an improvement from Thursday.

    Ethereum Classic didn’t rest on its laurels clinching a 1.25% appreciation that was far better than the previous 0.73%. Closing at $0.829797, it kept the number six position.

    Affable Dash wasn’t bad today maintaining number seven. The exchange rate was $8.84 with a 0.98% increment. This anonymous crypto doesn’t go down for long.

    Steem seems to be like a swinging pendulum. The 1.10% gain from yesterday was overshadowed when it closed with a 3.29% downward adjustment and sold at $0.240210.

    At number nine, the day’s most resilient coin was Augur. It managed a remarkable recovery to score the biggest gain of the day. The value was $3.46 registering 7.55 percentage score.

    Interestingly enough, the battle between Maidsafe and NEM goes on unabated. Maidsafe displaced NEM from the bottom of the top ten again with no less than 4.66% upsurge. This wrangling has been going on for months. That was the second best for the day. Maidsafe was selling for $0.067194.

    Notable Cryptocurrencies of the Day

    MoonCoin is soaring to the moon without comparison. In fact, it’s dubbed the most awe-inspiring Coin at the moment. To bag 524.91% is not a mean feat for a currency that is at number 96. Good news is you can add more of it to your portfolio since it cost just $0.000004.

    Until tomorrow, watch out for HiCoin, Boolberry, and FuelCoin as well.

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