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    ioBanker DEX (ioBanker Estonia) announces new liquidity pools wallet software functions running on top of it’s DEX platform; the browser based BitShares Blockchain UI ioBanker DEX. Earlier on Sep, 2020 BitShares core team had introduced the first of it’s kind; the decentralized liquidity pools functions which are enabling BitShares DeFi and users issued assets to be used within secured and decentralized permissionless framework in order to enrich BitShares users with many features such as automated market making and the ability to participate with their liquidity or exchange within decentralized liquidity pools.


    Liquidity pools becomes one of the foundational technologies behind the current Blockchain DeFi ecosystem. They are an essential part of automated market makers (AMM) and borrow-lend decentralized finance protocols (DeFi).


    New feature are below:

    1) “Pools Explore” tab in explore page: Pools page is featuring “BTS” liquidity pools by default, ioBanker DEX users can change “Asset A”, “Asset B” or “Share Asset” to find or allocate any liquidity pool on BitShares Blockchain, users can sort liquidity pools to find their favorite liquidity pool to use according to “Asset A/B QTY” or “Liquidity pool Taker/Withdrawal Fees”.



    2) “Creating/Deleting Liquidity Pools” under Advanced Menu: Logged in users will be able to see new section called “Pools“; this page is the page where users are able to see their own created liquidity pools in a list or they can create “Create Pool“.



    3) “Liquidity Pool Exchange” inside pools pages: Logged in users will be able to click on “Exchange” icon to exchange with a certain liquidity pool by clicking the icon “Exchange” next to that liquidity pool.



    4) “Liquidity Pool Stake/Unstake” inside pools page: Logged in users will be able to click on “Stake/Unstake” icon to stake in a liquidity pool or unstake from a liquidity pool.



    5) “Poolmart” is a shortcut to explore “Pools” page.



    Closing thoughts

    Liquidity pools are one of the core technologies behind the current DeFi technology stack. They enable decentralized trading, lending, yield generation, and much more. These liquidity pool assets impower almost every part of DeFi, and they will most likely continue to do so.


    ioBanker DEX Platform and BitShares Blockchain are not offering any certain investment; (BTS) token is the utility token of BitShares blockchain transactions, the means behind using the platform or any issued asset including liquidity pools is decided by solo BitShares Blockchain user.


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